balletfever89 - Your tags are cracking me up right now!!!  *hugs*  Haha, I love it!!!  <3

balletfever89 - hahahahah!!! sorry Tori pardon my french but …. that is the first thing that came to my mind!! lol we all saw her eagle grasp during AOI..I dont blame her ;)

No apologies needed!!  <3  It’s what we were all thinking…



icedancedreamer said: This would be…really lovely! Canada can just have 2 teams atop the podium. O=) OR - Our fav DSC teams can all stand on that podium together. #a girl can dream

Angelika’s reaction is enough reason to want that to happen

^ This is so true needsmorepizzazz!!!  Her reactions for her teams when they do well are absolutely priceless.  She and Pasquale are so invested and so proud; and it makes me infinitely happy to watch!  <3