tanithsvagina asked:

MOOOOOM you better meet charlie and touch that butt and also that hair but more so, THAT ASS because Skate America has a fan zone with autograph tables and YOU COULD VERY WELL MEET HIM SO YEAH TOUCH THE BUTT PLS FOR THOSE OF US WHO CANNOT LIKE ME IN CANADA (though I'm still *hoping* Charles and I might have a seedy motel room encounter YOU KNOW)

potatoholic answered:

I THINK I WILL CRY IF I AM ABLE TO TOUCH THAT BUTT.  (From embarrassment.  Liquor me up please so I do not care.)

My mom is gonna come with me Sunday so I have to be sure to watch myself that day but Friday and Saturday will be me, myself and I unless one of you goobers wants to join me.  

ps:  icedancedreamer …. Evan Bates will be there!  SEE WHAT YOU ARE MISSING??


potatoholic, gahhh!!!!!!!  I want to come up so badly!!!!  We both know I want to see my sweetheart Evan Bates up close and personal….



While it was incredibly fun seeing Evan Bates all day on my Dash (thanks potatoholic), I can’t handle all that attractiveness everyday as my icon, so I’m changing it to my girls…


…But Sundays, will be Evan Bates Appreciation Days for sure.  <3

potatoholic -   O=)    I keep telling you guys that he is a hidden gem!  He’s adorable - I shall have no shame in my Bates love!  <3

Whoa…sometimes I am so appalled at the posts I see on this site. 

I personally don’t care who you ship, but if it’s real people, then have enough respect to realize that they’re REAL PEOPLE and not characters, JFC.