Artistry on Ice in Beijing - Full Press conference

The CUTEST EVER!!! *__________*

Anyone notice Scott’s response around 5:15? ‘Take the summer off and a little bit of a break from competitive skating’

I hope they come back. This sounds promising.

Yes. I don’t know.. i have a feeling that they will come back :) I really hope this :))


This is a really sweet interview from February. These two ladies are just golden.

"Whenever a US person is out there…or anybody….and when they don’t have moms around or they don’t have a support system around we make sure when they take their bows, even during practice, someone’s out there cheering…. and they know we’re there for them, and they’re very very dear to us, all of them."

I feel like Ashley Wagner’s expressions successfully describe my relationship with my tumblr dash…

This is great! ….                          Oh! Absolutely LOVE this!…..
Heh, this is - okay?…..               Wait, what?!…
Are you fricking kidding me right now?!